About Akshun Hiro & Bianca Esteban


Well, I seem to think I’m an artist and a writer, a [damn good] designer, a DJ, a wannabe iPhone photographer, and a lot of other things. I’ve decided that I can do just about anything, as long as it doesn’t involve ridiculous athleticism or a lot of small talk.

Akshun Hiro was actually started in late 1997 or somewhere around there. I set it up as a blog site before there were such things as blog sites. I hard coded every page in html, because there was also no such thing as Dreamweaver back then. Or if there was, I couldn’t afford to use it. Every page looked absolutely awful. But at least, I did not use Comic Sans.

I called it Akshun Hiro because it was supposed to be a day in the life of a mild-mannered action hero. Me. Every so often, I put up some random ramblings of stuff that was going on in my life and stuff that I thought about. And then I inflicted my blog upon everyone I had an email address for. I really didn’t think anyone would give a crap, but apparently, they did.

I suppose this is the newest incarnation of Akshun Hiro. It’s the hermetically-sealed container for all the stuff I do, be it my freelance design work, my illustrations, my art, my writing, or whatever. You should know in advance, however, that I hate selfies, and I don’t like making videos of myself.

I’m also currently trying to finish a novel that has been in the making for 10 bloody years and counting. It’s called Eternal. It’s going to be a supernatural adult fiction novel with action, romance, and erotica to make it a bit spicy.

You can indeed contact me if you would like something that comes from my brain.