ALIENOCULARIS – The Steampunk Stethoscope Plant

The Alienocularis Series illustrates and describes the bizarre, beautiful and frightening plant life found on the Alienocularis home world.

Did you know that the stethoscope was originally invented to protect women’s modesty when male doctors checked their heart rates?

But the Steampunk Stethoscope was not designed to protect anything! This rare floating plant traps radioactive electrical anomalies in the atmosphere and siphons power from them for sustenance. The power then passes through the arteries of the plant, filtering through several biological checkpoints (not unlike our livers and kidneys) removing impurities. The source power then passes into the stomach of the plant—a chamber of lava-like acid—to extract the nutrients it needs. The dark, sticky resin that is left then drips down to nourish the ground beneath the plant. This resin is highly unstable and can detonate upon contact with a living thing, leaving a burning goop that is harder to extinguish than Napalm.

Buy a print on Etsy here:

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