ALIENOCULARIS – The Silk Spinner Flower

The Alienocularis Series illustrates and describes the bizarre, beautiful and frightening plant life found on the Alienocularis home world.

Looking very much like the creation of a Paris fashion designer, the Silk Spinner is an intriguing organism that exobotanists still don’t understand much about. The complex, multi-chambered structure inside a dissected Silk Spinner begins to decay at a rapid rate as soon as the plant is cut from its roots. However, we do know that it is a carnivorous plant that lures and captures certain types of insects of its home planet and reprograms them to work inside the flower. The tendril-like stem fibres also have a tendency to snake around a body part and constrict with a force we haven’t yet been able to counter. Seven exobotanists have been strangled to death and three have lost fingers and hands to the gangrenous strength of this horrifyingly beautiful flower.

Buy a print on Etsy here:

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