ALIENOCULARIS – Restricted Point Of View

The Alienocularis Series illustrates and describes the bizarre, beautiful and frightening plant life found on the Alienocularis home world.

Restricted Point Of View is the artwork that truly started the Alienocularis series. Initially, the idea for Alienocularis came from the doodles I draw when I’m talking on the phone. I’m not thinking about what I’m doing so whatever lands on the paper comes straight from my subconscious. The Alienocularis doodles were just doodles until a charity group exhibition came along that I was invited to join. The charity was to support cancer research and the brief was to create a piece inspired by a given set of scientific microscope slides. When I saw the list of inspirational microscope slides, I immediately focused on a slide that showed the capillary patterns in a rat’s eyeball. It looked like some weird alien cage. This immediately gave me the idea to create Restricted Point of View, symbolic of the prejudices and ignorance that plague human existence and cage us in.

Buy a print on Etsy here:

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